Exciting News!

While it’s still a few months off, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be attending two residencies at the beginning and end of this summer!

I was invited to attend Buffalo Creek Art Center in Gardnerville, Nevada for the month of June and in September I will be off to a month long residency at the Fish Factory in Stöðvarfjörður, Iceland (also, I need to learn how to pronounce where I’m going!). I am so thrilled for both of these opportunities to meet and work alongside other artists, explore the natural beauty of both of these amazing places and most importantly, to make art- completely uninterrupted from daily life. It’s a pretty glorious opportunity! 

Exciting News! | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

I’m really hoping to use these two months to experiment with materials I haven’t worked with in a long time (porcelain has been lingering in my mind for awhile now!), to focus on the process of making my forms and to build relationships with other artists I meet. I hope that the combination of these elements will also result in new work, a wider network of artists and supporters as well as a general boost to my art career.

I am so lucky that the residency at Buffalo Creek is partially funded, which means that they cover my housing & studio time while I’m there but I’m responsible for my materials, food & travel all of which I can cover from my current savings. My residency in Iceland however is a ‘pay-to-play’ opportunity so in a few months, I’ll be setting up a donation account and ask for some help making this opportunity happen. More to come on how you can help me boost my art career soon but in the meantime – I’m just thrilled!

photo credit: Crystal Birns

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