current status 2.0

The studio has gone through many transitions over the past few weeks, sometimes you can see the floor and sometimes you can’t. Sometimes there’s a place to sit and sometimes there’s not. Sometimes the place to sit is in a box.

We are exhausted by all the sorting and packing but slowly everything seems to be getting organized and boxed up. We’ve spent days hunting for the perfectly sized pallet, loaded up boxes only to unload them again because we forgot to photograph them for the inventory list and gratefully closed the lid on a box knowing it was for the last time. Most of the big items, like my kilns are ready to go to the international shipper, and the little things will follow. Trusting that we’ve got this even though it doesn’t always feel like it!

current status 2.0 | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

Believe it or not, this flat-packed pile of wood is my ginormous 7’x 7′ studio table with two huge shelves under it. I can’t believe that I’m shipping a load of lumber to Baja, but I love this table and I know it’s the first thing I’m going to want to have when I’m setting up my new space. Hundreds of students and studio visitors have gathered around this table over the past 15+ years, so it’s full of positive vibes and I think it’d be a sin to not bring it with me.

current status 2.0 | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture
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