Being in the World

Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | being in the worldAlyson Stanfield is a coach for artists who are treating their creative endeavors as a career through Art Biz Blog, and not only have I learned a ton from just following her blog and newsletter but she also posts gems of inspiration that help keep me going. This post Art is About Being in the World is one of those gems. She quotes artist Robert Irwin with [Art] isn’t about being in the studio, it’s about being in the world.

Sometimes I feel guilty for spending to much time out in nature rather than building in the studio, but I have to remind myself that being out in nature is what fuels my entire inspiration for being in the studio in the first place. Spending time among the redwood trees is nothing to feel guilty about. As we launch into 2016 filled with aspirations and creative energy I hope to spend more time out in the world and I hope to see you there!


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2 thoughts on “Being in the World

  1. It is so true! Before studio time there has to be inspiration and discovery time. The best part of being out in the world is that others are there with us, while back in the studio it can get pretty lonely (although lately I have your niece trying to play ball with me the whole time).

  2. Thanks for sharing this!! This is so relevant to me right now!!

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