Iceland Ceramic Residency

I was invited to be an artist-in-residence at the Fish Factory in eastern Iceland for the month of September! Help me make this residency a reality and I will send out special thank you gifts for all who donate!

My residency offers connections to artists from all over the world through a shared studio and living space plus one month of uninterrupted creative time all for a fee of $850. I’m also responsible for the cost of ceramic materials, food and transportation to and from the residency. Which totals my goal to approximately $2500.

I want to use this incredible opportunity to connect with other artists, experiment with new materials and be inspired by the amazing landscapes of Iceland to create new works in nature. Learn more about the Fish Factory here!

UPDATE: I have reached my goal!!! Any amounts donated over my goal will go to covering materials, shipping my artwork back to my studio and all the incidentals that I’m forgetting about but add up quick! THANK YOU for being a part of the village raising this artist!

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