nest series | aptos ca

The nest series is about the balance between protecting and trapping. Each nest has an item that is exposed to the viewer through its outer shell but also shielded by its webbing. The nests have been placed in a variety of areas in sandstone creek bed where the natural movement of the water has worn away areas in the rock and wood, I call these areas the stone pools.  My nest forms are trapped inside themselves and this concept is mimicked by the natural form of erosion that happens as stones get trapped and swirled in the rock walls until they form these wells they can’t escape from. These pieces play with the power of nature and the human condition in all of us, that we are all trapped by our own choices. These pieces are hand-built, hand-carved and created with a process that fuses the inner pieces to the outer. The small nests are approximately 4″ x 3″ x 3″. They are made from high fired stoneware and each piece is original and unique.