Who is Jenni Ward?
Jenni Ward is a ceramic sculptor who is inspired by nature to create modern works of art. Learn more here…

What is Earth Art Studio?
Jenni Ward is the owner of Earth Art Studio. This is the studio where she creates her sculptures, offers classes and hosts studio events. Join the mailing list to learn more about visiting the studio. 

I like a piece that’s not available in the shop, can I buy it?
Many of the pieces displayed in the portfolio section have been sold, were designed for large installations and/or are extremely difficult to ship, which is why they are not included in the shop. To find out if a particular piece is available, please contact Jenni Ward: jw@jenniward.com

Does Jenni Ward create custom work?
Yes! Please fill out a custom order form and let us know what you’d like, we look forward to creative ideas!

I live outside the USA, will you ship me a sculpture internationally?
Currently, we only ship within the United States, we hope to ship internationally soon….stay tuned!

Will Jenni Ward install my sculpture for me?
Yes! If you are local (within 30 miles of the studio) we will help you install your sculpture for free. Please note that free local installation does not  include any special hardware that may be needed to install your piece. If you are not local, travel charges will apply. Please contact Jenni Ward to discuss your options: jw@jenniward.com

Where can I see Jenni Ward’s work in person?
Jenni Ward shows her work in various exhibits throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. There are many ways you can find out about upcoming events: join the mailing list, check out our  events page or find us on Facebook.

Can I visit the studio?
Yes! The studio is open typically twice a year for events but if you miss those events, you can always make an appointment to visit the studio. If there is a piece that you are interested in seeing, please let us know in advance, as some pieces may be in storage. To make an appointment contact Jenni Ward at: jw@jenniward.com

Will Jenni Ward visit my program & school to talk about her work?
Yes! Jenni Ward would be happy to be a visiting artist at your program or school. She is available for an artists’ talk, a demo or a workshop. Please contact Jenni at jw@jenniward.com for a quote and to arrange the details.

I’ve changed my mind, can I return my purchase?
Please review our return policy and contact Jenni Ward with any questions about your piece. jw@jenniward.com

What does it mean that Jenni Ward’s work is copyrighted?
It means that Jenni Ward is the sole legal owner of her intellectual property and that ownership of a physical piece of art does not constitute any reproduction rights.  Federal and international copyright laws strictly prohibit reproduction of any kind, including but not limited to electronic reproduction, without prior written authorization from Jenni Ward.

Can I put my new sculpture outside?
That depends! If you live in a moderate climate, your ceramic sculpture will survive normal weather fluctuations without a problem. If you live in a climate where the temperature drops below freezing, you will need to bring your sculpture indoors. Clay is porous and if absorbed water freezes in the clay, it will expand and crack or break the clay. If your sculpture gets pooled water in it from sprinklers or rain, it is a good idea to dump out that water occasionally. I have had sculptures outside for years with out any damage, but please be aware that while ceramics is a sturdy material, it can crack, chip or break easily if it is bumped or knocked into. If you would like to keep your piece outside, make sure to place it in a low traffic area.

How do I clean my sculpture?
If you’ve got dust, spider webs or other debris built up on your sculpture, you can easily remove it by placing the piece under running water and then letting it dry on a towel before placing back in your display area. If you need to get into a tight spot, a dry paint brush can gently remove any debris from cracks.

What are these little marks on the bottom of my piece?
When ceramics goes through the glaze firing in the kiln, the glaze can’t touch the shelf or walls of the kiln because it will fuse to it, so any work that is glazed on all sides will sit on high temperature wire stilts in the kiln. When the stilts are removed sometimes they will leave a mark on the glaze that needs to be ground down and smoothed. Usually these marks are in as hidden a spot as possible, sometimes they are more noticeable but they are a natural part of the firing process.

I’ve still got a question, how can I contact Jenni Ward?
Email is the fastest way to get your question answered, please email Jenni Ward at jw@jenniward.com or call 831.818.9569