east los gatos residence

east los gatos residence | installations | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

I often have visitors to the studio who say, “I love your sculptures, but they just won’t work in my house.” While I know that my work isn’t right for everyone and every space, I wanted to share with you how well it does work in homes that are large, small, modern, traditional, buzzing with kids or quiet and cozy. I believe that if you connect with a piece then it will connect to the space where you live. I hope my interpretations of nature placed in your home will inspire you, beautify your space and reconnect you with the natural world.

This bespoke installation from the Bone Series wiggles along the fence line of a gorgeous East Los Gatos California home surrounded by an array of Mediterranean plants. Light and shadow play with negative spaces over the course of the day making for an engaging installation. The ceramic pieces are suspended with steel aircraft cables and anchored with stainless eye hooks into the existing wooden fence. This installation is complemented by a framed Bone Series piece that hangs over the outdoor fireplace and casts strong shadows onto the wall.