Everybody’s Ocean comes down

jenni ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | Everybody's Ocean comes down


After nearly 4 months of floating in the Solari Gallery at the Museum of Art & History in Santa Cruz for the Everybody’s Ocean exhibit, it was finally time to take the Bone Series Installation down. Thanks to the help of ceramic artist and my mentee Hong Lui, we were able to take the whole piece down in about an hour. You can see the last tail end of pieces still hanging in this photo. If you liked this piece, be sure to come by the studio for my Spring Studio Sale on May 2 from 11 – 4 and the pieces will be installed in a whole new arrangement.




Everybody’s Ocean: Wave II

Celebrate the opening of Wave II of Everybody’s Ocean in the Solari Gallery at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History. Opening reception of Wave II: Free First Friday, March 6th 5-9 PM. Click here for more information.  Words of thanks by curator Justin Hoover at 7:30. Everybody’s Ocean is a massive crowd-sourced exhibition featuring artwork about the ocean. An installation from my Bone Series has been a part of this exhibition as one of the “anchored” pieces of the show and this has been an incredible exhibit to be a part of. Come see for yourself!

Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | bone series | museum of art and history
The ocean represents anything from womb to tomb. We personify it as a wrathful god, a seductive spirit, or an indomitable force. The four oceans of the world cover 71% of the Earth’s surface and link us to primordial pasts. The ocean is a living, shared space and one of the greatest unexplored mysteries of the world.  Everybody interprets the ocean in different ways.