Wall Mounted Hive Success!

I had always wanted to try to get the Hive Series pieces on the wall and I thought it was possible but I had never really taken the time to experiment with wall mount designs. Well… I finally tried it and it worked! Here’s a little but of my process…

Wall Mounted Hive Success! | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

First I mocked up a prototype on some scrap wood, it was nothing pretty and is not pictured here, but it helped me find the pattern of attachment points for each of the layers of ceramic pieces and it gave me confidence that the wire looping from the clay to the wood would actually hold them down. So moved forward and cut large circles for the base that the pieces would rest on, drilled holes for the wire loops, then sanded and painted them. Then one layer at a time I attached the pieces with the wire loops and did a dot of extra strength epoxy on the edge of the wood where the pieces rested not so much to keep them attached as much as to keep them from shifting position.

Wall Mounted Hive Success! | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

Once all the pieces were wired on and epoxied to hold their place, I added a second smaller circle of wood to the backs. This piece has the hole to hang on a screw on the wall and it also has three screws connecting it to the larger circle with small spacers in between the circles to allow space for the twists of wire. I think this gives them a clean backside hiding the wire ends while also floating them off the wall a little bit- which also makes them slightly easier to hang. And here’s the result…

These three are available in the online shop with free shipping in the US and three more will be added in a few weeks! Enjoy!!
Hive Series | shop | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

Hives for your Garden are Available in the Online Shop!

Hive Series | Shop | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

This dynamic installation from the Hive Series is now available for your home, garden or commercial space. There are 31 individual diamond shaped cone pieces with holes cut and carved into one half of them, each piece is nested into the previous layer to form the starburst composition. Each individual piece is approximately 9″ in length and 4″ wide and are 22″ x 22″ 9″ when assembled together. The Hives are 750. each with only 6 available!

All of the pieces are hand-built from high fired stoneware and is original and unique. Instructions on assembling your Hive will be included in your order- but don’t worry it’s super simple!

This piece qualifies for FREE SHIPPING!


NCECA Blog: The Evocative Garden

I am so thrilled to be participating in the annual exhibit of the 2017 NCECA conference and I can’t wait to get up to Portland next week to see the exhibit in it’s entirety. The piece accepted for this show is my Hive Series Installation which is comprised of approximately 200 individual pieces that are nested together in a cluster to create a dynamic structure resembling an abstract hive. This piece was part of an In the Field installation in Nisene Marks State Park in 2015.

About the exhibit curated by Gail M Brown:
A breadth of implied and articulated dramas will be staged as a personally defined natural landscape or more formalized garden scenario. In works of ceramic sculpture, installation, object and vessel format, each participant will offer a new or recent work- some potent objects as-metaphors, with sub-text and, others as choreographed scenes with figuration or the figure/s implied in a verdant location, in vocabularies from nuanced realism to personal symbolism.

Each will be designed to reference an array of issues- nature’s fragility and sustainability, the wild and the tame, life’s appetites and dilemmas, conflict and resolution, the everlasting and the temporal- social and historic events, of the natural world and the human condition. Artists remind us that nature and the articulated garden, as context, stimulation and tactile allure, is a seductive, universal, ever present enticement.

The article below was first posted on the NCECA blog by Exhibitions Director Leigh Taylor Mickelson, photo credit to Lisa Conway.

NCECA Blog: The Evocative Garden | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

The 2017 NCECA Annual is here!
Posted by Leigh Taylor Mickelson, Exhibitions Director

The highly anticipated NCECA Annual “The Evocative Garden,” curated by Gail M. Brown, opens this weekend, kicking off the 2017 NCECA conference “season” with a whirlwind of garden-centric delight and botanical wonder. The exhibition, held at Disjecta Contemporary Art Center, features five artists who were invited by the curator along with 29 artists who were selected from the call for entry.

Invited artists Megan Bogonovich, Jess Riva Cooper, Kim Dickey, Linda Sormin and Dirk Staschke set the tone for the exhibit which is indeed what the curator intended: “a breadth of implied and articulated dramas… staged as a personally defined natural landscapes or more formalized garden scenarios.” The exhibit offers variety in approach to the ceramic medium as well as in conceptual interpretation of the theme, and captures the imagination as spring slowly approaches.

Participating artists include Christopher Adams, JoAnn Axford, Lisa Marie Barber, Chris Berti, Megan Bogonovich, Jess Riva Cooper, Deirdre Daw, Audry Deal-McEver, Jennifer DePaolo, Kim Dickey, Caroline Earley, Carol Gouthro, Karen Gunderman, Dawn Holder, Cj Jilek, Chuck Johnson, Tsehai Johnson, Heather Kaplan, Paul Kotula, Annie Rhodes Lee, Nancy Lovendahl, Andrea Marquis, Lindsay Montgomery, Grace Nickel, Anne Drew Potter, Jessica Putnam-Phillips, Dori Schechtel Zanger, Linda Sormin, Dirk Staschke, Claudia Tarantino, Hirotsune Tashima, Colleen Toledano, Jenni Ward, Stan Welsh.

I’d like to give special thanks to Disjecta for hosting the exhibit, and a big shout-out to our On-Site Liaison Brett Binford who orchestrated the installation of the exhibit, beautifully I might add. A sneak peek of the exhibit can be seen here…

This not-to-be-missed exhibit is easy to reach via Portland’s Blue line. Hours during NCECA are Tuesday 10:30am-5:30pm; Wednesday – Saturday 10am-5pm. Or come to the reception on Thursday, March 23rd from 6-9pm to have the opportunity to meet the curator and the artists. I’ll see you there.

Leigh Taylor Mickelson, NCECA Exhibitions Director

Want to visit pre- or post-conference? Visit Disjecta Arts for gallery hours and details.

Video: Packing for NCECA

Packing up the 200 pieces from my Hive Series to ship off to Portland is no small feat. Each piece is wrapped in bubble wrap, those pieces are boxed up, the boxes are crated up and the crate will get picked up and shipped off soon. Fingers crossed everything survives the journey. Can’t wait to see this piece installed as a part of The Evocative Garden NCECA 2017 exhibit at the Disjecta Contemporary Art Center.

Video: Carving Hive Series

I’m making a few extra pieces for my Hive Series installation which will be exhibited at the Disjecta Contemporary Art Center in Portland for NCECA 2017. There are about 200 pieces that make up this installation but just in case some don’t survive the shipping, I thought a few extra would be a good idea. Here’s a quick video of the carving process to make the ends have a web-like structural feel to them. It’s the most time consuming part of the whole process, but the results are pretty beautiful! Enjoy…

Sculpture IS: In the Garden OPENS!

Join me at the 10th Anniversary of Sculpture IS: In the Garden, this Thursday June 9th from 5-7pm at Sierra Azul Gardens in Watsonville. The garden is filled with pieces from every medium and style. The exhibit is up through October 31st, Sierra Azul is located at 2660 East Lake Ave, Watsonville across from the fairgrounds.

Sculpture IS: In the Garden Opens! | events | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

Sculpture IS: In the Garden Install Day

10th Anniversary of Sculpture IS: In the Garden

Sculpture IS: In the Garden Install Day | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculptureI installed my piece at Sculpture IS: 2016 at Sierra Azul Gardens last week and was lucky enough to be there when KSBW news was there reporting on the event. Caught this screenshot from their live news report the other night. This is my favorite exhibit if the year and the opening is a beautiful time to walk the gardens, view the art with music and a glass of wine. After seeing some of the other work coming in while I was installing, I assure you that this is a very incredible exhibit not to be missed!

Sculpture IS: In the Garden 2016
June 1 – October 31, 2016
Opening Reception June 9th 5 – 7pm

The Hive Arrives Home

This dynamic piece has traveled cross country and back again after being a part of Artprize 2015 and now it’s looking for a new home! If you have a space in your garden, home or commercial space for this sculpture, you can Shop Now!!

The Hive Series
200 ceramic handbuilt pieces
4’x 4’x 1′, 2015
$5000, includes free shipping within the US, free installation within 60 miles from the studio.

Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | The Hive Arrives HomeJenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | The Hive has landed in Grand Rapids Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | hive series | in the field installation

The Hive has landed in Grand Rapids

The Hive Series Installation is officially set up at (106) Gallery in Grand Rapids for ArtPrize2015! It was quite a venture getting nearly 200 fragile pieces wrapped, boxed, crated and shipped across the country only to have the gallery staff rely on really detailed instructions from me to get the whole piece installed. They did a beautiful job assembling each piece and I’m so pleased with the exhibit. Here are a few gallery shots taken just before ArtPrize officially opens. If you’re in the area, get out and see some art and rock the vote!

Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | The Hive has landed in Grand Rapids Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | The Hive has landed in Grand Rapids Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | The Hive has landed in Grand Rapids