Only $1000 Left to Go!

Thanks to all of your generosity, I only need to raise $1000 more to make my residency in Iceland a reality! Who wants to help me with the final countdown?? This funding will help cover my residency fees, travel expenses and materials during my month long residency, want to find out how you can help, click for more info…

Surprise gifts will be sent out upon my return to all who contribute!! BE A PATRON

Only $1000 Left to Go! | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture


Love Art? Be A Patron!

Just a reminder that I’m still taking donations to help fund my residency in Iceland! I’m so grateful for everyone who has donated so far and put me over the halfway point to my goal of $2500!!! If you still want to contribute, please click the link:

 be a patronLove Art? Be A Patron! | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

Above is a sampling of what I’ve been able to create in four weeks at my current Artist-in-Residence program at Buffalo Creek Art Center– even I can’t wait to see what will happen in Iceland! Also, I’ll be sending out surprise thank yous to all who donate after I return from Iceland! It takes a village to raise an artist, thanks for your support!


Gratitude | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculptureA super, gigantic THANK YOU to everyone who kicked off my Iceland Residency Fund and became a patron of the arts!!

I’m already $725 into my $2500 goal because of you! It was so amazing to wake up in the morning, to see all of your contribution emails in my inbox- I truly felt the love and I can’t wait to send out my surprise thank yous to everyone upon my return!

Still want to contribute?? You can become a patron by donating here!

ps: you can also buy art in the online shop to support this art adventure too!

In the Shop!

Below are just a few links to sculptures that you may have had your eye on for awhile but you just didn’t snag yet, well it’s not too late to add them to your collection! Check out what’s available in the online shop!

Don’t have room for more art in your home but still want to support your local artists? Choose your price and donate to my Icelandic residency coming up this September. I have a goal of raising $2500. to help offset the costs of making this residency a reality. Special surprise gifts will be sent out to all who DONATE!

Umbel Series | shop | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

Umbel Flowers for your Garden

Rock Candy on Driftwood (ONLY 4 left!)

Wall mounted Specimen Series (ONLY 4 left!)

and lots more…