Artist Meet and Greet – Tonight at JCO’S Art Haus!

Artist Meet and Greet - Tonight at JCO'S Art Haus! | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculptureTHE VERY VERY RARE AFFORDABLE ART FAIR




It’s Open Studios Season!

It's Open Studios Season! | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture
I may still be in Iceland, but my studio is all ready to go when I return for Open Studio season in Santa Cruz! I can’t wait to see everyone Oct 13 & 14 for opening weekend of North County artists. Make sure to check out the preview exhibit at the Santa Cruz Art League to plan your tour!

Mission Industrial Art Studios will have 13 artists open this year working in everything from glass, painting, metal, ceramics and mixed media – come check us out!

October 13, 14, 20 & 21 | studios open 11 – 5 | Artist #307 in the catalog
2523 C Mission St Santa Cruz | cross street: Swift St

Affordable Art Fair 2018!

Affordable Art Fair 2018 | events | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

The Very Very Rare Affordable Art Fair!

You can pick some of my smaller works at JCO’s Art Haus in Los Gatos along with other notable bay area artists for their annual Affordable Art Fair!

805 University Avenue #E • Los Gatos CA 95032

Featured Work: Specimen Series

Sometimes it’s easy to forget about older works when there’s so much shiny new goodies coming out of the studio! So, I wanted to bring to light the last four remaining pieces from the Specimen Series. These little bento box style sculptures hold abstract forms reminiscent of the collection of rocks or shells that you keep near and dear. Each box has a small loop one the back for easy hanging. They are available in the online shop or if you want to see them in person, come to the Blue Umbrellas Art Fair next weekend! They may be a few years old, but they’re still treasures waiting to be added to your collection!

Featured Work: Specimen Series | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

New Work In the Online Shop Soon!

New Work In the Online Shop Soon! | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

If you made it to the Spring Studio Sale a few weeks ago, you saw the latest pieces from the Lichen Series | Spore Patterns hanging on my studio walls. I’m really loving these new pieces which are mounted to reclaimed barn board I found on my mother in law’s property.

The ceramic pieces are arranged on the boards to mimic the composition of mushroom spore patterns and play with ideas of death and new growth. These can be hung on the wall both indoors and out, and will give a modern rustic feel to the space they encompass.

They will be hitting the online shop soon, but if you’re interested please contact me for details.

ceramic & reclaimed wood, sizes range from 8″ x 20″ to 30″ x 30″ and prices range from 150. – 250.

Call for Photos!

A lot of art found new homes during Open Studios and I’d love to see where it ended up. Please share with me photos of my art in your space and I’ll feature it here on ‘the dirt’!

Call for Photos | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

I’m hoping to inspire others to see how art can enhance their space and make everything just feel good. I know that we don’t need art in the same way that we need food and clothing but I really believe that we need art to help us feel connected to others and the world at large. My home isn’t filled with stuff (I’m a minimalist at heart!) but it does have its fair share of art and those pieces are thoughtfully collected and some of the most important things that I own. Surrounding myself with art instead of stuff, means that everything has a story, a place or a person attached to it and I love that. I hope that my work gives you the same feeling and becomes a connected part of your home and life.  I’m looking forward to seeing our photos of my work in their new homes!

Call for Photos | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

A few photo specs:
Take a minute to look at your lighting and shadows and try to capture your shot at the best timing for lighting. Please make sure your photos are in focus. Move extraneous stuff (water bottle, tv remote etc…) out of the shot. I will resize and edit the photos for you, so just send me what you’ve got (original size) and also let me know if its ok to use your name along with your photos in my future posts and any other info you want to share about the pieces you’ve collected. Please email your photos to

Video: Keeping it Clean

A few people were asking about how to clean my sculptures and were surprised to find out how I do it. A dry fluffy paintbrush is a great way to remove larger debris, cobwebs or dust first especially if your pieces are kept outside. Then give them a good spray down with the hose, don’t worry ceramics are tough, they can handle it. Then air dry on a thick towel and your art will be sparkling again. Easy peasy!


gratitude | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculptureI spend a lot of time sharing new work, events and ideas with you, but I want to take a moment to share my gratitude. This year Open Studios was unbelievable. From the masses of people the first weekend to braving the rain the second weekend, it was really an incredible year. Thank you, thank you, thank you to ALL of the patrons, students, friends, family and fellow artists who came to the studio to see my studio, who bought art and who brought me gifts and good wishes. I can’t do this event without you!

If you came to the studio on the first weekend, you probably met my parents who flew out from the east coast just to help me with the event. The shopped for me, set up art, cleaned, put up signs and worked both days of the event all day long. I overheard someone ask my mom is she had ever worried about me being an artist and the answer was ‘Never!’ Can’t get more supportive than that- thanks mom & dad!

You probably also met my amazing husband who despite being a just a week past a minor surgery and having to get up early to go to his real job the next day, was at the studio all day greeting you as you came in on sunny days and on the second weekend was running around fixing signs in the rain. His unbelievable support for my art and business is really what makes it all happen and I’m so grateful.

with much gratitude for all of you,



Last Chance for Open Studios 2016!

Last Chance for Open Studios 2016 | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculptureLast weekend of Open Studios was so fantastic! Thank you to everyone who came out to support the arts! I loved seeing old and new faces visiting me and exploring the new studio space. And pretty much everyone agreed that the parking is a lot better at the new space- if you’ve been to my old studio, you know what I mean.

Lots of art found new homes, but there is still more left waiting to find its space in your home. If you came last weekend and went home to measure and contemplate your space, come on back and join us on this rainy weekend. Looking forward to seeing you at the studio!

2523 C Mission St Santa Cruz
Oct 15 & 16, 11 -5