Only $1000 Left to Go!

Thanks to all of your generosity, I only need to raise $1000 more to make my residency in Iceland a reality! Who wants to help me with the final countdown?? This funding will help cover my residency fees, travel expenses and materials during my month long residency, want to find out how you can help, click for more info…

Surprise gifts will be sent out upon my return to all who contribute!! BE A PATRON

Only $1000 Left to Go! | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture


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Just a reminder that I’m still taking donations to help fund my residency in Iceland! I’m so grateful for everyone who has donated so far and put me over the halfway point to my goal of $2500!!! If you still want to contribute, please click the link:

 be a patronLove Art? Be A Patron! | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

Above is a sampling of what I’ve been able to create in four weeks at my current Artist-in-Residence program at Buffalo Creek Art Center– even I can’t wait to see what will happen in Iceland! Also, I’ll be sending out surprise thank yous to all who donate after I return from Iceland! It takes a village to raise an artist, thanks for your support!

At the Halfway Point!

At the Halfway Point! | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

I’m soooo grateful for an amazing group of patrons that have brought me halfway to my goal of raising $2500 to cover my residency fees and transportation to the Fish Factory in Iceland!

Who wants to help me get the rest of the way there???
And just as a reminder, creative surprises will be sent out to all who donate!!!

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Week two of my residency at Buffalo Creek Art Center

Even thought the two pieces in this photo didn’t survive, I feel like I made some progress this week…
Week two of my residency at Buffalo Creek Art Center | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

I was able to get a few kiln firings going, which really let me know where I stood on my experiments. I had a few collapses and a little breakage but I also got a few gems out of the kiln. The flanged bone forms and the aspen leaf forms I was playing with actually became beautiful translucent porcelain pieces. These results gave me the confidence to go ahead and make more pieces improving on my building and slow-drying techniques. I’ve kind of decided that if I can figure out how to build these ultra fragile porcelain pieces (which require the slowest of drying process possible to succeed) in the desert, in summer and get good results- I’m golden.

Week two of my residency at Buffalo Creek Art Center | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

Oh! And as a side adventure… you know that 10,000+ foot peak that was just begging to be hiked from outside my studio window, yeah… we bagged that peak!

Week two of my residency at Buffalo Creek Art Center | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture


new residential installation!


If you’ve thought about how my work might look in a residential space but you weren’t quite sure, check out these new images of a framed Bone Series and a large Nest Series piece in their new forever home. Their new owner was so thrilled with how they fit seamlessly into her cozy, modern space that she was tearing up at their installation. I love the little surprises like the reflection of the Nest piece on the glass dining room table!

More Images…


Just a few reminders of things going on at the studio…

Reminders | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture


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Happy Weekend!


Work in Progress: Bone Series

With an upcoming solo show at the Grants Pass Museum of Art in April, I’ve been bouncing between a lot of projects in the studio these days. I plan to create 6 large installations for the exhibit and I’m making some new work as well as showcasing some older work. So I’m bouncing between making lots more Rock Candy pieces, more Lichen pieces, new Bone pieces and one more really new series that has yet to even be named. The Lichen and Rock Candy pieces all 500 of them total are now drying and awaiting their bisque firing. And I’m still working on the Bone Series pieces.

I am excited to share that I think I’ve solved some structural issues I’d been having with the Bone Series. I’ve been making these pieces for awhile but I’d get some stress cracks happening during the firing process at the joint of the flanges and I think I’ve solved that problem by using cardboard templates to help me keep the flanges together as 3 solid piece of clay rather than having 6 individual flanges connecting together. I haven’t fired them yet, but already they are stronger when assembling them and so far they show no signs of cracking. Fingers crossed…

Work in Progress: Bone Series | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

Will let you know how things develop and if my template system was a success!

New Work from the Bone Series is up in the Shop!!!


Bone Series | Shop | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture



The latest work from the Bone Series is now up in the shop! These pieces debuted at Open Studios this year and there are only 8 available.


About the series:
These new pieces from the Bone Series are framed compositions of ceramic discs that were inspired by bone fibrous structures and they are held together with steel cable. The pieces and the cables float just off the wall so they cast really beautiful shadows that really enhance the pieces. The ceramic pieces have been used in ephemeral installations both in the gallery and in the field.

The frames are made from painted steel with holes in the back corners designed for easy wall mounting. These pieces qualify for free shipping within the US.