inspiration in exploration

I am very lucky to live in a place as beautiful as Santa Cruz County, every corner is filled with natural inspiration for artists. I try to take advantage of that everyday, typically in the form of a dog walk. My furry companion Indigo and I hit the beach, the creek, the woods- pretty much everyday we’re outside exploring somewhere, finding interesting things to inspire. Today I found a collection of bones that had washed up in a tangle of kelp from sea birds and seals. The forms are beautiful and sculptural. I brought a few back to the studio and took a look at them next to the work I’ve been making for my bone series. The image on the far right is my work in clay, the image next to it is a bird bone, the similarities are striking. This time spent exploring the natural world is so integral to my work, I love that my art takes me out of the studio as much as nature brings me back in and creates a working balance for me.

Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | inspiration from explorationJenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | inspiration from explorationJenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | inspiration from explorationJenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | inspiration in exploration







Land of Fire and Water

Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | land of fire & waterThis January I was so lucky to sneak in a quick trip to the Big Island and visit my sweetest friend Susun Gallery who runs Artschool on the Beach in Kona. (If you’re going on vacation there, look her up. She’ll teach you how to take a bit of your vacation home in a painting you made!)

I brought a few small sculptures with me and with cameras in hand we adventured off to the north coast near the town of Hawi and hiked down the cliffs to a beautiful black sand beach covered in lava rock. We played with rocks and sticks, challenged the waves timing and strength and acted like artists- oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over the beauty of it all. I didn’t know what to expect, but the beautiful contrast of my bright red glaze against the satiny black sand was a perfect match. I’d love to go back and do a larger installation with more pieces, but that will have to wait for another day. You can check out some images of the spark sculptures in the land of fire & water here…

Have art, will travel

Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | in the field | rock candy seriesI recently took a camping/adventure road trip to the desert with my husband and whenever possible I always add a selection of my sculptures to the packing list. This time I brought a box of about 50 pieces from my brand new rock candy series. These pieces are designed to be wall mounted (and maybe will be one day!) but I had a suspicion that I could hide the plain backsides of them when I arranged them in the field. The rock formations I found had large cracks and layers to them formed from ancient magma and I thought they were the perfect place to put these little colorful gems. Check out more picture here…

Spring Clay Class for Kids

Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | classesThis spring I will be offering a 5 week Create With Clay workshop for kids ages 6 and up at earth art studio. We will create functional and sculptural pieces, experiment with building techniques and have fun being cr8iv! Beginners and studio alumni are all welcome. This class leads up to our annual Spring Studio Sale where students will have the opportunity to sell or just show their work off to friends and family. Click the link for more info and to sign up now.
Space is limited and this class will fill fast!

* if this workshop coincides with your spring break and you will miss a class, you will have the opportunity to make-up the class!



Artist at work…


Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | blogOwning your own business as an artist can be a tricky balance between doing what you love and working to keep the business of what you love going. The other day, I had planned to get a little office work done and then spend the rest of the day in the studio. I knew that I had a kiln to unload, which meant lots of glazing to be done and then even maybe a reload of that work too- a busy studio day by any measure. But there is nothing like a flashing error code on the screen of your electric kiln as soon as you walk into the studio to reject the idea of making any progress at “working” today- one peek inside the kiln confirms that. A disaster of electrical proportions. Multiple trips to the ceramic supply store and many hours spent trying to channel my inner electrician, I’ve solved all the problems; cue sunset. I thought I got nothing done that day, but in retrospect, sometimes I make art, sometimes I mop floors and sometimes I fix kilns…artist at work.