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create with clay for adults
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open to kids, teens, families and home schools, ages 7+

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classes at earth art studio | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

Earth Art Studio is a creative space where imagination thrives. Students are given the opportunity to work alongside owner and ceramic sculptor Jenni Ward in her shared studio space. She provides instruction and guidance in ceramic arts with a focus on sculpture to children, teens and adults. Small class sizes allow for developing skills, challenging creativity and inspiring ideas. The studio is equipped with 2 throwing wheels, an electric kiln, a slab roller, large working area, storage/drying area, numerous sculpting tools and the opportunity to work with both low fire and mid-range glazes. We also offer the opportunity to participate in art shows throughout the year. Contact Jenni to schedule a visit to the studio.



the teacher…
jenni ward ceramic sculpture

Jenni Ward is a ceramic sculptor, art instructor and owner at Earth Art Studio. She has been an artist for as long as she can remember; memories of cutting, bending and building as a child have matured into a career of creating. Passionate about working with clay to build abstract forms and installations that reflect the beauty of the natural world, her favorite days are ones where she is splattered with clay and working in the studio all day long. Outside the studio, she can often be found exploring the forests, mountains or tide pools near her California studio for inspiration, usually with a collection of bones, rocks and wood in her pockets. Her exploration of the natural world both above and below sea level are referenced throughout her work. She is a wanderer who ventures off to foreign lands where she finds inspiration in the people, the land and the art she encounters. A natural teacher and philanthropist, she shares her creativity with students at her studio and abroad.


the team…
Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | photo shoot day

Nina “banina” Hipkins, art assistant extraordinaire
Nina has worked at the studio since she was 12, she started by assisting in workshops and has now become an integral part of the studio operations. Her skills range from kiln loader to glaze maker to resident photographer. As well as being the queen of multi-tasking year round at the studio, she’s never afraid to get elbow deep in the clay recycling bucket or trek off into the forest for an art photo shoot. Nina has taken the babysitting, CPR & 1st aid classes at the Red Cross and is a lovable friend to all the kids who attend classes. In her free time she loves to dance and rock out at concerts with her friends. She currently attends Cabrillo College.


Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | when you marry an artist


Nate Ward, facilities manager
Native Santacruzen, proficient potter and builder extraordinaire; Nate is Jenni’s better half and the all around d-i-y guy for Earth Art Studio.  Nate has built and maintained nearly everything in the studio and always has plans for more!  He is the weekend warrior of projects, the best art show assistant and a volunteer for our philanthropy projects in Haiti.  In the little free time he has left, he loves hanging with our dog and flying his bike off jumps in Nisene Marks.